CMED Construction has been proudly awarded as the Design & Build Main Contractor of L’attrait Boeung Keng Kang – Condominium.

This Condominium development is by a Japanese developer L’attrait Property Development Inc. Where CMED Construction was invited to take over the project at Design Development stage. The project site is located in the Inner South of Phnom Penh City in Street 334 of Boeung Keng Kang 1 District, a cosy, vibrant and lively part of the city.


L’attrait Boeung Keng Kang is a 26 storey development with the total floor area of 9361m². It consists of an Elevated Multi-Storey Carpark with car lift access, Fully Facilitated Activity Floor together with a total of 149 units from Studio, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom to Penthouse with accessible Rooftop Garden.


The construction is scheduled to start in late 4th quarter of 2017 and complete in 3rd quarter of 2020.


The top priorities we have on this development is our commitment on high quality international design standard, complemented by tasteful design, detailing and finishes. The architectural design approach is to captivate the essence of urban living experience, and the unique city-scape of Phnom Penh. Large sized windows are being implemented to allow the city-scape to filter through into each apartment unit. A series of framed like views that captures the story of Phnom Penh city. The selected glazing system is also being incorporated to maximize daylight penetration, and to achieve high level of sound and heat isolation.


As part of the international standard design practice, provision fire protection and security system are also implemented in the building design. Fire compartmentation, fire sprinkler system, call point and fire alarm, hose reel, hydrant and fire stair pressurization system are fully incorporated. RFID are provided at main entrance, passage lift and entrance door to each apartment unit to ensure sense of security is fulfilled.