CMED Service

Technology enables what we do effectively and efficiently. We use internationally-proven equipment and techniques to design, manage and build your projects. Every stage and process is managed by our unique built-in work flow. Changes and modifications can be made easily. Combined with CMEDCC’s impeccable service and attention to detail, clients can be assured that projects will be completed on time and within budget.

1Design-Build Service

Our unique design-build delivery system enables us to:

• deliver a proper quality assurance system;
• handle the client’s tasks while coordinating within and among the clients, contractors, suppliers and other parties;
• improve efficiency and time management leading to savings in costs and time;
• issue clear work specifications for sophisticated or coordinated designs to achieve better-finished products;
• build buildings which are easy to maintain and repair;
• choose the best materials for cost-savings or better aesthetics from the beginning and assure the client against uncertainties;
• create a functional traffic line in building layout;
• allow for effective value engineering.

2Construction Management Service

General Construction

CMEDCC provides the thorough management services for the Quality / Cost / Delivery / Safety control point of view through the entire construction process. Our international team brings international expertise and standard to Cambodia. We are proud to ensure the following as a part of our target:

1. Assured quality and high-value building;
2. Low wastage of materials, resources and time;
3. Low defects and high reliability;
4. Handpicked options for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing materials, geared for long-term performance;
5. Minute schedule control for multi-tasking, with accurate information. Adherence to safety compliance at all times. NO compromise for safety at all times;

Project Management

CMEDCC shall select and assign experienced key personnel to be in charge of each aspect of the project. This follows the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) rule to achieve all project goals within the given constraints of scope, time, quality, budget and safety.
Key roles to be assigned include the following:

1. Project Manager;
2. Construction Manager;
3. EHS Manager;
4. QA&QC Manager;
5. MEP Manager;
6. Commercial Manager; and,
7. HR & Administration Manager

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a systematic method where each product or service is evaluated by its use in order to improve its ‘value’. CMEDCC starts this process at project inception, where the benefits can be greatest. The changes we make will not affect the timelines, completion dates, or incur additional costs that outweigh the savings on offer. For example, the accuracy of design drawings can eliminate onsite rectifications, thus minimising cost, time and effort. Typically, the process involves the following steps:

1. Identifying the main project elements;
2. Examining the functions of each element;
3. Looking at alternative solutions for delivering those functions;
4. Evaluating the alternative solutions and the costs involved; and,
5. Developing the alternatives with the highest chance of success.

CMEDCC works with its clients throughout the process. There are opportunities for the clients to review the process elements and make selections based on our professional advice.

3After Sales Service

All our projects come with a one-year warranty after completion against defects. This is testament to CMEDCC’s technical superiority, build excellence and quality craftsmanship.
As a Cambodian company, CMEDCC is confident of providing its clients with a dedicated support service for peace of mind. Our after-sales team is happy to help with questions, additional services and warranties.

Why Choose Us?

Traditional design and building work is a complicated process. There are many steps, and a lot of time and money is wasted before decisions are finally made – except if done by us.

CMEDCC simplifies all of these. We are a single-source company. There is no need to involve many parties. With our unique Design-Build process, we can do many things concurrently. This streamlines costs and times considerably, and allows your project to be constructed quickly. Moreover, each process can be fully managed and modified easily. No other construction company in Cambodia offers this service.

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