Structure Engineering Manager

Job Description

  • To assist HOD in developing and improving department management policy and workflow to maintain effective working relationships with team members and all staff functions to ensure an efficient work environment.
  • Lead, monitor, and motivate the team to get the structure design solution that matches the client’s vision, expected cost, quality, and standard. 
  • To exhibit strong design expertise, Develop & implement quality design and lead design production according to building codes, laws, and client requirements with quality buildable design.
  • Review the technical drawings, specifications, and material, before sending them out.
  • Manage the team to review the tender document.
  • Review the Construction document (Materials, shop drawings, method statement …) to comply with the specification safety and progress. Manage to deal with the construction issue by providing proper correction methods.
  • With the department planning, and review of the assigned project by breaking down all the design stages and tasks to be completed assist the HOD to balance the workforce of the department. 
  • Develop and prepare the Design Schedule of the project to balance the workload and incorporated it with the Project Master schedule. 
  • Prepare the task for the team member and review, revise, and follow up on the productivity of the team compared with work and provide the solution to complete it within the deadline.
  • By reviewing and following up on the productivity of the work force and coordinating the project member to the right task.
  • To maintain effective working relationships with team members and all staff functions to ensure an efficient workflow environment.
  • Keep track of all revisions and comments.
  • Manage design schedule with ARC, MEP, and other External Specialists following both Design and Project Master schedule. 
  • To resolve structure, MEP, and ARC coordination problems. 
  • To provide solutions to meet the design quality and cost.
  • Review and check the output from project members to assure the quality including design, drawings, documents or reference requirements make sure all the required documentation is up to company standard requirements.
  • Performs / Handles other tasks and projects assigned by the superior or Top Management.


Job Requirement

  • A recognized bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent 
  • A minimum of 15-year experience in the role
  • Good command of English communication both spoken and written
  • Proficient in MS Office applications
  • Proactive, take initiative, detail-oriented, and able to work fast under pressure
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Experience in Design Build Company will be an advantage
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