Senior MEP Quantity Surveyor

Job Description

  • Successfully implement the strategy set up and execution planning of Contract Department under the management of Contracts, QS/QE Section Manager.
  • Proceed with all QS / QE works under the supervision of Contracts, QS/QE Section Manager.
  • Ensure reliability and consistency in all work and duty performed at all stages of Project (from Tendering Process to Completion of Project).
  • Overall in-charge of all tenders that are participated by the company.
  • Clarify and liaison with the client, consultant and sub-contractor on any query in regard to the tender issue.
  • Finalization of the tender costing and discuss with management for final tender submission offer.
  • To implement the Tender Flow Process and Procedure in order for new QS/QE involving in tender could easily follow with minimum guidance.
  • Follow up on Post Tender Clarification; attend Tender Interview with the client after submission of Tender.
  • To establish tender data information for all participated tenders so as to build up a tender data base for future tender and project references.
  • To create a cost data base system of each cost component for easy retrieval by the tender and project department in tendering and project cost control usage.
  • To implement a proper handing over procedure for the successful tender to the project team with all necessary cost or budget information used during tender stage.
  • Taking off quantity and prepare Bill of Quantity for existing Project and Tendering Job.
  • Develop Subcontractors/Suppliers Contact Information for the company.
  • Supervise and monitor all QS/QE Engineers’ job scope within the Contract Department.
  • Work closely with Project Team and Project QS for Project Process Control in Sub-contracting, Purchasing and Cost Control of the Project.
  • Advise and resolve on Contractual issue involving Client and Sub-contractor of all projects.
  • Execute and submit monthly and weekly job report to Contracts, QS/QE Section Manager and Head of Contract Department.
  • Implementation of real job with extensive coordination between staffs in different departments.


Job Requirements

  • High school graduate degree or above in any kind of engineering field.
  • Proven track record with 5 years + experience as QS, QE Engineer of construction.
  • Be confident, assertive and independent.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skill.
  • Relationship building and people management skill.
  • Good interpersonal skill.
  • Very good command of speaking, reading and writing in English.
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