Senior iOS App. Development

Job Description

  • Create realistic prototypes using Adobe XD or other similar tools.
  • Designing and building mobile applications for Apple’s iOS platform.
  • Collaborating with the design team to define app features.
  • Fixing application bugs before the final release.
  • Use Azure DevOps Services or other similar tools.
  • Designing and implementing application updates.
  • Ensuring quality and performance of the application to specifications.
  • Identifying potential problems and resolving application bottlenecks.
  • Publishing applications on App Store.
  • Create documents related to the front-end iOS development.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned by the direct supervisor


Job Requirement

  • A recognized bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent 
  • A minimum of 7-year experience in the role
  • Proven experience as an app developer
  • Knowledge of Objective-C or Swift
  • Knowledge of iOS back-end services
  • Knowledge of Apple’s design principles and application interface guidelines
  • Knowledge of C-based libraries
  • Familiarity with push notifications, APIs, and cloud messaging.
  • Good command of English communication, both spoken and written
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications

Experience in a Construction Company will be an advantage

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