Behind the Success of Design & Build in Cambodia’s Construction Industry


Construction in Cambodia has been rapidly growing in the last decade and expecting to grow more due to vast urban and rural areas that are left to be developed. According to Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction (MLMUPC), more than US $2.7 billion in construction investment projects were approved within the first quarter of 2019.  Most of the investments are on high-rise residential buildings, factories, boreys, hotels, commercial buildings, and office buildings. With high demand on quality construction from both foreign investors and local development companies, one-stop-service plays an important role in providing investors with cost and time efficiency. CMED Construction’s General Manager is here to introduce to Cambodia’s only one-stop-service construction company.


Please tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Yabe Akira. I am a Japanese engineer graduate and been working in construction industry for 40 years. Right now I am working at CMED Construction as General Manager.


What made you decide to relocate to Cambodia?

As you know, Cambodia is a developing country. So, construction sector is one of the booming industries. Cambodia is demanding many qualified people to build up the country. With my qualifications, I believe I can bring out my potential to contribution in the development of this country as well as Cambodian engineer. Even though it will be just a small part, but working in the name of CMED Construction can contribute a big part.


What make CMED Construction different from other construction companies?

Talking about construction work, traditional design and building work is a complicated process. There are many steps which clients may consume a lot of time and money wasted before decisions are finally made. But at CMED Construction, we simplifies all of this. We are a single-source company without involving many parties. With our unique design and build process, we can do many things concurrently. This streamlines costs and times considerably, and allows your project to be constructed quickly. Moreover, each process can be fully managed and modified easily. No other construction company in Cambodia offers this service.


What are reference projects using CMED Construction service?

Recently, we have completed a luxury 5-star residential villa in Chroy Changvar. It is a 4-storey resident which consists of 4 villas and 1 club house. Apart from this, we have other 2 big projects ongoing such as L’attrait BKK Condominium, a high-end 26-storey condominium at Beong Keng Kang; and OCIC Office Building, a 19-storey office at Chroy Changvar.


What is your company’s value that contributes to the development of construction industry in Cambodia?

At CMED Construction, we are dedicated in serving our clients and the community at the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. In the same way, our staffs are held to account for creating transparent and ethical work processes in all our activities. Clients can feel confident that we will meet their needs while keeping them fully-involved each step of way in a friendly and helpful manner. With this, all of the buildings that built by us are quality products with our passion of “Build for the Best”.


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