CMEDCC Managing Director, Ms. Jenny Chea, Awarded Double-Line Helmets to the Site Staffs

19 July 2019,


CMEDCC Managing Director, Ms. Jenny Chea, proudly awarded double-line helmets to the site staffs namely: 1/. Mr. San Chanmesa 2/. Mr. Long Ravy and 3/. Mr. Yin Ratha.


Mr. Ravy expressed that “I feel very happy and proud at the same time to receive this precious recognition. I will keep up good work and improve myself more because the growth of myself is the growth of my company.”


“I feel I have more authority and responsibility. Especially, I feel I am trusted by the company management team.” Mr. Ratha stated.


Mr. Mesa added “This recognition represents the trust of CMEDCC to us and the same time this will show more responsibility that we need to do.”


Mr. Yabe, General Manager of CMEDCC, revealed that “This double-line helmet represents the opportunity to promote and impress young staffs for their hard-working and commitment towards their job and the company. I am very proud of the team and we, together are committed to maintain this good job and “Build for the Best” for our clients”.


Please join us in Congratulations to them!

Kindly continue your good practice as young leaders to the Project as well as CMED.